Home Inspection Google Ads Campaign Set Up

We currently do not offer monthly management for our home inspection clients. However, we offer comprehensive guides on building and optimizing your own Google Ads campaigns.

As stated in the manuals, we strongly encourage you to implement the Call Ads campaign before implementing the Desktop/Landing Page campaign. In the vast majority of cases, this campaign will provide the best ROI. Many of our former clients only run a call campaign.

We do not provide guidance regarding the implementation of conversion tracking code on your website, nor do we undertake any alterations to your website structure. For comprehensive instructions on the process of setting up conversion tracking, we recommend consulting the official documentation offered by Google Support, which provides in-depth insights and step-by-step guidance on the subject matter.

Good News!

This is what you have been waiting for.

The opportunity to be competitive with Google Ads – Without spending a fortune…

I have been a Google Ads lead generation specialist for about 8 years now.

I recognized early on that agency prices for building and managing ad campaigns were difficult for small businesses to pay.

I convinced our agency to lower our prices so that we could offer our services to local service companies and still allow those companies to see a great return on their investment.

I’m not at the agency anymore, but I am still interested in helping local service companies.

I have personally managed 100 or more home inspector accounts in my career. I was successful in almost every market.

I have been approached by dozens of home inspectors who wanted me to build and/or manage campaigns since I left the agency, but I can’t do that for them anymore.

Here is the next best thing. I have put my knowledge into a DIY how-to specifically for the home inspection industry. I wrote this so that you do NOT need to be a Google Ads specialist, or even very computer savvy, to make your home inspection business profitable using Google Ads. Also, you do not need to pay me or an agency $1K or more to set your campaigns up.

This is who this information will probably NOT work for:

  • People who can’t follow directions
  • People who aren’t willing to trust the process for 2-3 months
  • People who want to spend very little ad budget “until it works”
  • Businesses that service a very rural area

For all the others, this is an opportunity to get into the Google Ads market and start growing your business.

I do not offer any guarantees. However, I do want you to succeed. If you implement these strategies the way that I have laid out, you optimize your campaigns, and you don’t see positive results, email me at:

Please include the problems you are experiencing and any steps you have taken to remedy the problem.


“I have worked with Jason for several years!! Before meeting him I wasted thousands of dollars with others managing my google AdWords. He is always honest and explains things so you know exactly what is going on!! Highly recommend the results will speak for themself.”
– Matt C

“Jason has been running my Campaigns for well over 6 months. My ROI has been great. Sales for my business have gone up even the first month I hired them. Friendly and Prompt service all the time. Quick to respond to any of my questions. 5 star Company! Try them out.”
– Marc L

“Jason does an awesome job of taking care of my google ads campaign they keep me on the front page and manage my budget very well.”
– Tim T

“I have used and referred Jason Bowings for years for AdWords and other services – and I don’t do that lightly. I trust them with my work and the work of others. 5-stars and two thumbs up.”
– Ian R

“Jason has been assisting with our Google PPC for a couple years now and we are very pleased with their service and recommendations. We are producing numbers that I never believed possible.”
– Jim R



How to Build a Home Inspector Lead Generation Campaign

A complete step-by-step guide to building your own Google Ads home inspection desktop traffic campaign. Includes pictures, keywords, general negative keyword list and important tips to increase your chances of success.



How to Optimize a Home Inspector Lead Generation Campaign

A complete step-by-step guide to optimizing your Google Ads home inspection campaigns. Optimization is the engine that drives your campaigns to be the most profitable.



Mobile desktop google ads optimization

Build & Optimize a Home Inspector Lead Generation Campaign Bundle and Save

Everything you need to build a Home Inspection campaign for desktop and mobile as well as optomizing your campaigns and the necessary resources to help you hit the ground running in your market.

$500.00 Save $100.00